VINTEK is founded and managed by owners with more than twenty years of foundry and industry experience. The owners previously founded, owned and managed two steel foundry units exporting more than 95% of total production. VINTEK founders were educated and trained in the United States. They understand what it takes to be the best and have historically gained customer trust through performance and supplying quality products.

Their strong scientific and technical skills are evidenced in developing novel methods and techniques that are implemented as best practices in their foundry to achieve higher casting quality at cost effective prices. They pursue excellence in their work and have garnered a strong name and track record in supplying high quality castings as fully machined and raw casting to leading customers all around the world.

It is not uncommon for customers to reach out to VINTEK and its team to brainstorm casting feasibility aspects during design stage of their product development or ask them to develop foundry processes to meet special requirements and pass criteria.

VINTEK team is very dynamic, well experienced and trained to work in a systematic and professional way to produce high quality products and give on-time deliveries.

VINTEK is successful owing to the unique approach it takes to producing castings.