VINTEK Team plays a crucial role in making the unique approach work. For VINTEK, building that team is nontrivial. For employees, making the team is not an ordinary achievement. An extended tenure at VINTEK will prove to establish professional career and success of employees.

VINTEK views its workforce as Human Capital assets and not as Human Resources. Managing Human Capital differs significantly from managing Human Resources. Surprisingly not, VINTEK is at its best in Human Capital and workforce management.

Foundry operation at VINTEK is very dynamic. Hardly a choice for run-of-the-mill kind of employees and workers. At VINTEK, we seek engineers with knowledge. We teach and train them to think and do work in the VINTEK way. We nurture our employees into high performers and turn talented employees into stars.

It takes a special caliber of people to succeed at VINTEK. Our point-of-view is better talent is more likely to show higher performance and will be very marketable. We understand that. At VINTEK, we invest heavily in our employees. Not only monetarily, but also tremendously with our teaching and training. We go all-in with our employees. Therefore, it is very important for us to see Return on Equity. To ensure this, we calculate Life-Time-Value (LTV) for each employee. Our goal is to maximize LTV making sure employees are well rewarded, satisfied and challenged in their domain work.

VINTEK seeks people who show a passion for excellence and rewards them for high performance.