VINTEK has a production capacity of 250 tons per month. 

Following grades are produced at VINTEK in ASTM and DIN/EN standards. Other material grades are produced when requested by customers.



VINTEK has ISO and W0 PED approval.

Industries Served

VINTEK supplies steel castings to a multitude of industries. VINTEK is a preferred partner for customers whose product portfolio includes castings ranging from small to large sizes and weights ranging from few kg to many tons. With its flexible manufacturing technology, VINTEK is able to serve customers across the spectrum in both size and weight.

Castings for Valve Manufacturers

  • Valve types include Gate, Knife Gate, Globe, Check, Control, Swing Check, Butterfly, Plug, Ball Valve (top entry, side entry, TMBV), Safety
  • Pressure class #150 to #1500 and sometimes even higher
  • Raw casting weight range can be up to 4 tons in single piece weight
  • Castings can be supplied as fully machined or as raw casting
  • Castings can be supplied with Inconel welding overlay
  • Supplied castings will confirm to standards and customer requirements
  • Casting quality will be exceptional
  • Quality documents will be correct
  • Ease of working will be seamless
  • Castings in special material, specific chemistry, demanding mechanical properties, difficult geometry

Additionally, VINTEK serves cement manufacturers, heavy equipment, power and rail industries.